Month: April 2024

  • Finished? Really?

    Finished? Really?

    Even when I think I’m finished, I’m really not. The lid didn’t fit properly. Well, it was fine except the switch location didn’t fit. (the switch interfered with the motor mount) And, I realized that extruding the “doorstop” at 90 degrees to the plane was wrong. That back point is NOT 90 degrees. It’s a…

  • Finishing Up the Design

    Finishing Up the Design

    I still haven’t drawn the lid. That’s the final piece. Hopefully, after this, everything just fits and I can print a couple out of PLA+.

  • N20 Motors

    N20 Motors

    The N20 motors for Serendipity arrived today! I think I have all the parts I need except for a few minor pieces like washers and screws. (I’m sure I can find something that will work if they don’t show up… but they will.) I need to finish some more Malenki-HV boards so I can start…

  • Smoked Meat is Good

    I went to the “soft opening” of a new smoked meat sandwich shop tonight. The owner had a nice sit-down restaurant in the “before times” but it didn’t survive. Now he has a walk-up counter sandwich shop. I’m sure the rent will be much more manageable, and he will do a ton of lunchtime business.…

  • Drive Test

    Drive Test

    We took the little (still unnamed) bot to the arena for a better test. (It’s really not safe to spin up a “kinetic energy” weapon outside of a test box.) It turns out the thing actually drives really well on the steel floor. (the magnets are way more effective than I thought they would be.)…

  • We Test Built the new Fairy

    We Test Built the new Fairy

    We built a complete version of our new fairyweight. (150g) It works. We drove it around. We twitched the drum. (Will have to put it in a test box and actually spin it up.) This frame has the embedded magnets. We definitely need to set up dual rate on the radio. This thing drives fast.

  • Embedded Magnets!

    Embedded Magnets!

    I added a cavity to accept a 10mm x 2mm magnet. Once the printer started printing the layer which will cover the magnets, I paused it. I placed the magnets in the cavities then pressed continue. This print was a bit over 2 hours. I’m honestly not sure how much these magnets will help. If…

  • I Found It!

    I Found It!

    I’ve been fighting with this issue on and off for months. I’ve spent the past 3 days doing almost nothing except trying to figure this out. Months ago I was trying to use a program called stm32flash to flash firmware onto an STM32 chip from a Raspberry Pi. It usually worked the first time I…

  • Plans changed!

    Plans changed!

    I didn’t post yesterday because I simply ran out of time. I went to drop off my AAD at my rigger’s and got invited to watch a reserve pack. This isn’t my reserve, but it’s the same model and size as mine. The rigger used a “Flat PRO pack.” When I started skydiving we would…

  • It Works!

    It Works!

    The first drive on my firmware! It seems to work fine after I figured out which channel was which and which one should run in reverse. (Left and right motors run opposite so the wiring can be the same.) I’ll have to test the servo outputs and the brushed weapon channel as well.