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  • Income Tax Done!

    Income Tax Done!

    I haven’t been this early in years! Because I have self-employment income I’m actually not required to file before June 15th. Tomorrow is the final day for non-self-employed. Also did my quarterly GST filing. I dread doing books, so that feels very freeing.

  • Drive Test

    Drive Test

    We took the little (still unnamed) bot to the arena for a better test. (It’s really not safe to spin up a “kinetic energy” weapon outside of a test box.) It turns out the thing actually drives really well on the steel floor. (the magnets are way more effective than I thought they would be.)…

  • C’est Une Éponge

    C’est Une Éponge

    Tomorrow I’m going to do something interesting with this sponge.

  • Hobbes

    Hobbes joined my house a few months ago. We found him. (or, rather, he found us) He had no collar and no microchip, but clearly had an owner in the past. Sadly, I couldn’t find them. (I had one lead, but Hobbes wasn’t hers.) Well, I guess today makes it official. I finally took him…