Category: Code

  • Bringing up a new board

    Bringing up a new board

    I spent too much time, today, trying to get I2C working on my new board. In the end, it was a software issue not hardware, so I’m generally pleased with that.

  • Drive Test

    Drive Test

    We took the little (still unnamed) bot to the arena for a better test. (It’s really not safe to spin up a “kinetic energy” weapon outside of a test box.) It turns out the thing actually drives really well on the steel floor. (the magnets are way more effective than I thought they would be.)…

  • I Found It!

    I Found It!

    I’ve been fighting with this issue on and off for months. I’ve spent the past 3 days doing almost nothing except trying to figure this out. Months ago I was trying to use a program called stm32flash to flash firmware onto an STM32 chip from a Raspberry Pi. It usually worked the first time I…