Something New Every Day

  • Soap
    I made a batch of soap a few weeks ago. I think it’s cured enough to go in the sealed box with desiccant now. For those interested, it’s 80% light olive oil (with 0.05% ROE added) and 20% coconut oil. 6% superfat. Coloured with hydrated chromium oxide and scented with an artificial blend called Gunmetal.… Read more: Soap
  • Coffee Roaster
    Many years ago (2008) I started roasting my own coffee. At first, I simply put it in an air popper and let it go. It burned the beans on the outside and left the inside under-roasted. (ie, still green) BUT, it was the best cup of coffee I had ever tasted. I was hooked. I… Read more: Coffee Roaster
  • Vigil Upgrade
    I sent my Vigil in for service. It needed a new battery. They did a firmware upgrade and full test as well. Interesting to me, I sent them a Vigil 2. When I got it back, it was a Vigil Cuatro. The serial number is the same, so I’m assuming it’s the same hardware. They… Read more: Vigil Upgrade
  • Wheel Hub
    So I’ve decided to build another antweight bot. (US Ant is 1lb. Not to be confused with UK Ant.) I last did this in 2015. I dug through my bins and found plenty of parts, so decided to try to build with what I have as much as possible. I found a bag of 10… Read more: Wheel Hub
  • Hello world!
    This is my first post. Today I am setting up WordPress so I can post something new every day. Some days it might be something very simple. Other days it might be something more involved. Honestly, I’ve set up a few WordPress sites and it’s not a huge deal. So, I guess, today is a… Read more: Hello world!