Something New Every Day

  • Embedded Magnets!
    I added a cavity to accept a 10mm x 2mm magnet. Once the printer started printing the layer which will cover the magnets, I paused it. I placed the magnets in the cavities then pressed continue. This print was a bit over 2 hours. I’m honestly not sure how much these magnets will help. If… Read more: Embedded Magnets!
  • I Found It!
    I’ve been fighting with this issue on and off for months. I’ve spent the past 3 days doing almost nothing except trying to figure this out. Months ago I was trying to use a program called stm32flash to flash firmware onto an STM32 chip from a Raspberry Pi. It usually worked the first time I… Read more: I Found It!
  • Plans changed!
    I didn’t post yesterday because I simply ran out of time. I went to drop off my AAD at my rigger’s and got invited to watch a reserve pack. This isn’t my reserve, but it’s the same model and size as mine. The rigger used a “Flat PRO pack.” When I started skydiving we would… Read more: Plans changed!
  • It Works!
    The first drive on my firmware! It seems to work fine after I figured out which channel was which and which one should run in reverse. (Left and right motors run opposite so the wiring can be the same.) I’ll have to test the servo outputs and the brushed weapon channel as well.
  • Ready to go on a bot
    I think this thing is ready to go on a bot for testing! I finished the calibration code today. Now it automatically enters calibration mode right after binding. It may not be perfect, but I think it’s usable. Next up, put it in a bot and drive it around!