Plans changed!

I didn’t post yesterday because I simply ran out of time. I went to drop off my AAD at my rigger’s and got invited to watch a reserve pack.

This isn’t my reserve, but it’s the same model and size as mine.

The rigger used a “Flat PRO pack.” When I started skydiving we would flat pack, which started much the same as this. The problem with a flat pack is the canopy comes out of the container rotated 90 degrees. A PRO pack (Proper Ram-air Orientation) opens with the nose directly into the relative air. This way it will catch air and inflate a bit quicker and will open on heading, meaning you don’t end up with a surprise turn.

Up until here, it was familiar. Then he started sorting the nose and placing it open against the floor.

Honestly, the biggest difference between this pack and a regular pack is the attention to detail. The lines are kept taut and neat. The fabric was carefully stacked, double and triple checked.

I should probably never become a rigger.

Ready for this summer! Our season starts May 3rd. Sadly, I’ll miss that weekend as I’ll be at a robot tournament.


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