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  • Embedded Magnets!

    Embedded Magnets!

    I added a cavity to accept a 10mm x 2mm magnet. Once the printer started printing the layer which will cover the magnets, I paused it. I placed the magnets in the cavities then pressed continue. This print was a bit over 2 hours. I’m honestly not sure how much these magnets will help. If…

  • Going on a diet?

    Going on a diet?

    Okay, it may not have been quite as serendipitous as I thought. After adding up all the additional hardware required, I was well over 150g. I managed to lose around 8g today, but I still have about 10g of hardware to add to this pile. It’s going to be tight.

  • Okay, I didn’t

    Okay, I didn’t

    I didn’t actually do anything with the sponge. Sorry about that. I CADded up the chassis for my silly combat robot. It will be 4WD with 4 N20 motors and 1/2″ x 2.25″ foam wheels. The chassis and the wheel hubs will be 3D printed. So, after printing the chassis and wheel hubs I decided…

  • Printer Test

    Printer Test

    Yikes! I missed posting yesterday. I’ll do my best to make two posts today, then we’ll be back on track. I printed this “3D Printer Test” yesterday. It took 5 hours. I haven’t had a chance to look it over yet. Does anyone know where my calipers went?

  • Mailbag Monday

    Mailbag Monday

    I got 100 magnets in the mail today! 50 are 10mm x 1mm and 50 are 10mm x 2mm. I plan to insert these into 3D prints of robot chassis. I’m not entirely sure how to do that yet.

  • Wheel Hub

    Wheel Hub

    So I’ve decided to build another antweight bot. (US Ant is 1lb. Not to be confused with UK Ant.) I last did this in 2015. I dug through my bins and found plenty of parts, so decided to try to build with what I have as much as possible. I found a bag of 10…