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  • Plans changed!

    Plans changed!

    I didn’t post yesterday because I simply ran out of time. I went to drop off my AAD at my rigger’s and got invited to watch a reserve pack. This isn’t my reserve, but it’s the same model and size as mine. The rigger used a “Flat PRO pack.” When I started skydiving we would…

  • Bungee Jumping?

    Bungee Jumping?

    A friend was over for coffee recently and wondered why I had a big bag of elastics. “Are you taking up bungee jumping?” he asked. Well, not bungee jumping. When packing a parachute, these elastics hold the deployment bag closed and hold all the lines in an orderly fashion. They tend to break after a…

  • Vigil Upgrade

    Vigil Upgrade

    I sent my Vigil in for service. It needed a new battery. They did a firmware upgrade and full test as well. Interesting to me, I sent them a Vigil 2. When I got it back, it was a Vigil Cuatro. The serial number is the same, so I’m assuming it’s the same hardware. They…