Month: April 2024

  • Income Tax Done!

    Income Tax Done!

    I haven’t been this early in years! Because I have self-employment income I’m actually not required to file before June 15th. Tomorrow is the final day for non-self-employed. Also did my quarterly GST filing. I dread doing books, so that feels very freeing.

  • C’est Une Éponge

    C’est Une Éponge

    This was my first attempt at carving out the sponge to contain the functional bits. It’s pretty rough. I learned a few things and have some ideas how to do better next time… and I still have more sponges, so I’m good.

  • Safety Day

    Safety Day

    Skydiving is a sport where mistakes can have huge consequences. In Canada, (at least where I live) we don’t jump year round, which means most of us might be a bit rusty when it warms up enough to start jumping again. So, my DZ holds a “Safety Day” where we review stuff we might have…

  • Bringing up a new board

    Bringing up a new board

    I spent too much time, today, trying to get I2C working on my new board. In the end, it was a software issue not hardware, so I’m generally pleased with that.

  • Fully Operational Again

    Fully Operational Again

    I replaced the damaged PoE switch today. All the cameras are fully functional again. I’ll definitely need to clean up the cable routing yet, but that can wait until the cabin is opened.

  • Bots? Is that all I do now?

    Bots? Is that all I do now?

    I started printing bots out of PLA+ which is supposed to be a lot stronger than normal PLA yet prints about the same. So far so good. We can start assembling the final bots now.

  • QFN-20 4x4x0.5mm

    QFN-20 4x4x0.5mm

    I can’t say I enjoy soldering these tiny ICs. I bought a fresh 0.5mm soldering iron tip since the last time I tried, and it went much better today. For reference, that solder is 0.5mm diameter. There are 5 pins per side of that chip, which is 4mm square. I usually tack a couple pins…

  • Seder


    The aftermath of our Seder. It’s no wonder the disciples couldn’t stay awake.

  • Malenki Plus

    Malenki Plus

    I soldered up 7 more Malenki Plus RXESCs today. This will probably be the last of this version that I make. I don’t like the Malenki firmware. I’ve already written my own custom firmware for Flysky 1 transmitters. I might write my own for FS2A as well. I still have more Malenki-HV integrated boards to…

  • Change of Plans

    Change of Plans

    Today didn’t go according to plans. It all started yesterday morning when I went to capture my morning sunrise photo from the security cams at the cabin. But, instead of being able to do that, I discovered my computers there could no longer be accessed remotely. I checked the status of my Starlink, and it…