Category: Home Automation

  • Fully Operational Again

    Fully Operational Again

    I replaced the damaged PoE switch today. All the cameras are fully functional again. I’ll definitely need to clean up the cable routing yet, but that can wait until the cabin is opened.

  • Change of Plans

    Change of Plans

    Today didn’t go according to plans. It all started yesterday morning when I went to capture my morning sunrise photo from the security cams at the cabin. But, instead of being able to do that, I discovered my computers there could no longer be accessed remotely. I checked the status of my Starlink, and it…

  • Rogue 433MHz Transmitter

    Rogue 433MHz Transmitter

    There’s a rogue transmitter broadcasting a carrier signal on 433.92Mhz somewhere in my neighbourhood. It went on the air around 4:15am yesterday. How do I know? Well, you remember my temperature/humidity sensors for my seedlings I wrote about a few days ago? I already have an entirely different system working. A few years ago I…

  • Doorbell Camera

    Doorbell Camera

    I love the idea of a doorbell camera. A doorbell is in the right location to see anyone coming up to your door, and it is low enough that you can generally see a face rather than the top of a ball cap. They make a lot of sense to me, except that the most…