I soldered up 7 more Malenki Plus RXESCs today. This will probably be the last of this version that I make. I don’t like the Malenki firmware. I’ve already written my own custom firmware for Flysky 1 transmitters. I might write my own for FS2A as well. I still have more Malenki-HV integrated boards to populate. After that, if I make any more, I think I’ll switch to an STM32 on board instead of the ATTiny. I love the ATTiny series, but they’re pretty limited. I’ve had some issues since adding endpoint calibration. It seems like the poor 8 bit micro can’t do 32 bit divides fast enough to finish before the next packet arrives. If you miss a packet in the frequency hopping sequence, you have to wait for it to come back around to that frequency again. This means bad responsiveness. I haven’t noticed this when using the T6A transmitter, but it’s noticeable when I use my TX16S in AFHDS.


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