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  • Garage Door Opener

    Garage Door Opener

    Last year the radio on my ~40 year old garage door opener quit working. Because the opener used simple dry contacts to trigger the open or close cycle, I was able to buy an aftermarket receiver and remote and wire it to the existing opener. Well, last week the motor in the opener quit working.…

  • Dead Wine Cooler

    Dead Wine Cooler

    I bought a used wine cooler a while back. It worked great. It holds 12 bottles and uses a peltier cooler rather than a vapor-compression cooler. This makes it less efficient, but it is quiet and relatively simple for an electronics guy like me to understand. I kept some wine cool in it. Then, one…

  • A Flood!

    A Flood!

    Around a year ago I installed a Reverse Osmosis filter system under my kitchen sink. Recently, the drinking water faucet sprung a leak. Well, actually, it had been leaking from the valve stem occasionally for a while now, but that always ran safely into the sink. This time it started leaking beneath the sink… enough…