Month: March 2024

  • Testing a new PCB

    I have to be vague when posting stuff about work, but this is an older design that we are still using. I just had a fresh batch made and need to do some testing on the bench before installing them in the final product. So far so good.

  • Hobbes

    Hobbes joined my house a few months ago. We found him. (or, rather, he found us) He had no collar and no microchip, but clearly had an owner in the past. Sadly, I couldn’t find them. (I had one lead, but Hobbes wasn’t hers.) Well, I guess today makes it official. I finally took him…

  • Perfect Timing!

    Perfect Timing!

    I ordered these over two months ago. I was starting to lose hope, but they arrived today. And, perfect timing, too. These are CH9340 USB-UART modules. Which is what I need to build the Serial-UPDI programmer. (Assuming these work the same as a CH340, which I can’t seem to find a clear answer on.)

  • Malenki


    After a few modifications, I ordered some PCBs of the “Malenki Plus” (a higher voltage version of the Malenki Nano) This version uses an A7105 module for the radio. (There is also a version that integrates the radio but I had a hard time sourcing the A7105 IC.) I soldered the radio module to the…

  • This server is WAY too old!

    This server is WAY too old!

    I spent some time today transferring accounts off of an old server (VPS) I’ve been slowly decommissioning. I first set this thing up in Feb 2011 with Debian 5.0. A lot of things were hand configured. (Apache-SSL, SuExec and SMTP-Auth were not standard, as I recall.) I have upgraded the Debian version several times over…

  • Interesting and Disgusting

    Interesting and Disgusting

    I had a pretty good inventory of green coffee beans when I stopped roasting my own in 2015. When I recently started roasting again, I decided to try the 10 year old beans before ordering fresh ones. The first bag I roasted weren’t great. The second bag was reasonably good. These were open bags and…

  • New Sensors!

    New Sensors!

    About midnight last night, the signal “jamming” my sensors went quiet! This is good news, generally. Two of my three sensors started working again. I have no idea why the third didn’t, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it because… My sensor boards came in a couple days ago! All…

  • Happy Pi Day

    Happy Pi Day

    It has become a tradition for my daughter and her boyfriend to come over for some pie on Pi Day. I have been eating nearly no refined sugar for many years and have drastically reduced my carbohydrate intake for the past few. It’s sort of a half-hearted Keto or Carnivore diet. I cheat way too…

  • Circuit Board Tidal Wave

    Circuit Board Tidal Wave

    In the past two days I have received four shipments containing 200 circuit boards of 6 different designs. (4 – 100% my design, 2 somewhat modified by me) Some are for work and some are personal. I have a LOT of work ahead testing and programming boards.

  • Printer Test

    Printer Test

    Yikes! I missed posting yesterday. I’ll do my best to make two posts today, then we’ll be back on track. I printed this “3D Printer Test” yesterday. It took 5 hours. I haven’t had a chance to look it over yet. Does anyone know where my calipers went?