This server is WAY too old!

I spent some time today transferring accounts off of an old server (VPS) I’ve been slowly decommissioning. I first set this thing up in Feb 2011 with Debian 5.0. A lot of things were hand configured. (Apache-SSL, SuExec and SMTP-Auth were not standard, as I recall.) I have upgraded the Debian version several times over the years. Each time, something would break and I would have to figure out how to get it working again. (Often the new config was actually easier than the old way, but it still needed to be done.)

Today I finally moved the last account that is not personally mine. From here on, it should be easy.

Yes, it hasn’t been rebooted in nearly three years. Yes, that’s a security concern.

Once everything is safely off, I will do a clean install of Debian 12, Webmin and Virtualmin.


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