Category: Gardening

  • Snow is almost gone!

    Snow is almost gone!

    There are a few small patches of snow remaining. I’m sure they’ll be gone in the next day or two.

  • More Pre-gardening

    More Pre-gardening

    I did a bunch of transplanting today. Then I planted a bunch more seeds. This is a few tomatoes, mint, catnip, and a bunch of flowers.

  • Seedlings


    The peppers (and Tomatillos) are coming along nice. I’ll probably have to start transplanting a few soon. The last row was some fairly old habanero seeds. They are the only ones where none came up.

  • New Sensors!

    New Sensors!

    About midnight last night, the signal “jamming” my sensors went quiet! This is good news, generally. Two of my three sensors started working again. I have no idea why the third didn’t, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it because… My sensor boards came in a couple days ago! All…

  • That was fast!

    That was fast!

    It looks like a few seeds are already starting to sprout!

  • Peppers


    And tomatillos. I had planned to do this on the weekend, but I ended up spending too many hours clearing snow and ran out of time. So, today I made the time to start my peppers and tomatillos. I usually use jiffy pellets. They might not be the best option, but they’re certainly convenient. Now…

  • Snowstorm!


    So, Montana sent a low pressure system north to pay us a visit. This storm is still supposed to go on for one more day, but I figured I should try to find the sidewalk to the front door before it’s lost until May. I might not get to planting my peppers today. It’s kinda…

  • Waking Up My Carnivores

    Waking Up My Carnivores

    No, I’m not talking about my cats. My carnivores have been hibernating since early winter. Last year I bought a couple venus flytraps. I had no prior experience with these. I read that they need a dormant period and one way to do that is to put them in a dark, cool place for a…

  • Sensors Part 2

    Sensors Part 2

    Another PCB sent off for manufacturing. This one is just an assembled version of the temperature, humidity, pressure, light board I soldered up a few days ago. Hopefully it will be a bit more reliable this way. also, I chose the more expensive (and less likely to be counterfeit) BME680 sensor. The I2C addresses of…

  • My Worm Farm

    My Worm Farm

    Last year I decided to try vermicomposting. I put together a small composter using 5 gallon pails from Home Depot. Over the winter I neglected it a bit and let it dry out too much. When I checked it, there were dead worms. But, I noticed a few live ones, still, so decided to add…