Interesting and Disgusting

I had a pretty good inventory of green coffee beans when I stopped roasting my own in 2015. When I recently started roasting again, I decided to try the 10 year old beans before ordering fresh ones. The first bag I roasted weren’t great. The second bag was reasonably good. These were open bags and I still have many sealed bags, too. It seems most of my beans from 10 years ago are just fine. But, today, when I grabbed a new bag of beans to start roasting (Costa Rica, this time.) I noticed _this_.

The beans in this bag (a sealed ziplock) had been consumed. I don’t know if they rotted or were eaten by an insect. Even though I’m curious, I am not opening that bag.

So what was the difference with this bag? A friend brought me back these beans from his vacation to Cuba. All my other beans are commercially imported.

So, I am led to believe that commercially imported beans must either be fumigated or, at least, inspected for pests. If you know anything about this, please let me know. I’m glad the bag was sealed and whatever this is didn’t manage to infect the rest of my beans.


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