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  • Okay, I didn’t

    Okay, I didn’t

    I didn’t actually do anything with the sponge. Sorry about that. I CADded up the chassis for my silly combat robot. It will be 4WD with 4 N20 motors and 1/2″ x 2.25″ foam wheels. The chassis and the wheel hubs will be 3D printed. So, after printing the chassis and wheel hubs I decided…

  • Wine


    I bottled a carboy of wine yesterday. I buy a few 5 gallon buckets of fresh juice each fall. Last fall’s juice is ready to bottle now. I washed my bottles well months ago, but still gave them a quick rinse. and spray some metabisulphite in to sanitize. I racked the wine to a clean…

  • Soap


    I made a batch of soap a few weeks ago. I think it’s cured enough to go in the sealed box with desiccant now. For those interested, it’s 80% light olive oil (with 0.05% ROE added) and 20% coconut oil. 6% superfat. Coloured with hydrated chromium oxide and scented with an artificial blend called Gunmetal.…