Category: Electronics

  • Testing a new PCB

    I have to be vague when posting stuff about work, but this is an older design that we are still using. I just had a fresh batch made and need to do some testing on the bench before installing them in the final product. So far so good.

  • Perfect Timing!

    Perfect Timing!

    I ordered these over two months ago. I was starting to lose hope, but they arrived today. And, perfect timing, too. These are CH9340 USB-UART modules. Which is what I need to build the Serial-UPDI programmer. (Assuming these work the same as a CH340, which I can’t seem to find a clear answer on.)

  • Malenki


    After a few modifications, I ordered some PCBs of the “Malenki Plus” (a higher voltage version of the Malenki Nano) This version uses an A7105 module for the radio. (There is also a version that integrates the radio but I had a hard time sourcing the A7105 IC.) I soldered the radio module to the…

  • New Sensors!

    New Sensors!

    About midnight last night, the signal “jamming” my sensors went quiet! This is good news, generally. Two of my three sensors started working again. I have no idea why the third didn’t, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it because… My sensor boards came in a couple days ago! All…

  • Circuit Board Tidal Wave

    Circuit Board Tidal Wave

    In the past two days I have received four shipments containing 200 circuit boards of 6 different designs. (4 – 100% my design, 2 somewhat modified by me) Some are for work and some are personal. I have a LOT of work ahead testing and programming boards.

  • Rogue 433MHz Transmitter

    Rogue 433MHz Transmitter

    There’s a rogue transmitter broadcasting a carrier signal on 433.92Mhz somewhere in my neighbourhood. It went on the air around 4:15am yesterday. How do I know? Well, you remember my temperature/humidity sensors for my seedlings I wrote about a few days ago? I already have an entirely different system working. A few years ago I…

  • Dead Wine Cooler

    Dead Wine Cooler

    I bought a used wine cooler a while back. It worked great. It holds 12 bottles and uses a peltier cooler rather than a vapor-compression cooler. This makes it less efficient, but it is quiet and relatively simple for an electronics guy like me to understand. I kept some wine cool in it. Then, one…

  • Sensors Part 2

    Sensors Part 2

    Another PCB sent off for manufacturing. This one is just an assembled version of the temperature, humidity, pressure, light board I soldered up a few days ago. Hopefully it will be a bit more reliable this way. also, I chose the more expensive (and less likely to be counterfeit) BME680 sensor. The I2C addresses of…

  • Ordering PCBs

    Ordering PCBs

    My parts finally arrived at the PCB manufacturer so I was able to place the PCBA order today! These are a slightly modified Malenki Nano R/C receiver and brushed ESC. The board layout is done in KiCAD. It is exported in Gerber format and uploaded to the manufacturer, along with a bill of materials and…

  • Grow Sensor

    Grow Sensor

    It’s almost time to plant my pepper plants. (I usually target 10-12 weeks before plant-out which is late May to early June around here.) I like to monitor and control temperature and humidity under the seedling dome. My existing sensor was giving me some problems, so I decided to wire up a replacement. This is…