Nothing But The Blood

Today is Resurrection Sunday. The first song we sang in church this morning was Nothing But the Blood. I have to smile and reminisce every time I hear that song.

Back in the early 90s I attended a biggish church. I played bass in one of the worship (music) teams. (bands) I’m not saying this to brag. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly good musician… just good enough to hide in the shadows and play some low frequency notes that most people don’t consciously hear.

One Sunday we finished our set and went back stage. I don’t remember why, but Dennis Agajanian was in town and, for some reason, was playing a song as part of our service. (Maybe he was in town for a Billy Graham crusade?) Anyway, after we finished our set and went backstage, he was there waiting for his turn. He asked Dave (our drummer) and me if we would play Nothing But the Blood with him. “Sure” I said, and asked “What key is it in?” He made a barre chord on his guitar and replied… “uh, I don’t know. F# maybe?” “You’ll figure it out.”

So, Dave and I went back out on stage and did our best to follow along.


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