Something New Every Day

  • Snowstorm!
    So, Montana sent a low pressure system north to pay us a visit. This storm is still supposed to go on for one more day, but I figured I should try to find the sidewalk to the front door before it’s lost until May. I might not get to planting my peppers today. It’s kinda… Read more: Snowstorm!
  • Waking Up My Carnivores
    No, I’m not talking about my cats. My carnivores have been hibernating since early winter. Last year I bought a couple venus flytraps. I had no prior experience with these. I read that they need a dormant period and one way to do that is to put them in a dark, cool place for a… Read more: Waking Up My Carnivores
  • Sensors Part 2
    Another PCB sent off for manufacturing. This one is just an assembled version of the temperature, humidity, pressure, light board I soldered up a few days ago. Hopefully it will be a bit more reliable this way. also, I chose the more expensive (and less likely to be counterfeit) BME680 sensor. The I2C addresses of… Read more: Sensors Part 2
  • Seriously?
    That’s the exact same water I put in your water bowl.
  • Ordering PCBs
    My parts finally arrived at the PCB manufacturer so I was able to place the PCBA order today! These are a slightly modified Malenki Nano R/C receiver and brushed ESC. The board layout is done in KiCAD. It is exported in Gerber format and uploaded to the manufacturer, along with a bill of materials and… Read more: Ordering PCBs