Something New Every Day

  • Finishing Up the Design
    I still haven’t drawn the lid. That’s the final piece. Hopefully, after this, everything just fits and I can print a couple out of PLA+.
  • N20 Motors
    The N20 motors for Serendipity arrived today! I think I have all the parts I need except for a few minor pieces like washers and screws. (I’m sure I can find something that will work if they don’t show up… but they will.) I need to finish some more Malenki-HV boards so I can start… Read more: N20 Motors
  • Smoked Meat is Good
    I went to the “soft opening” of a new smoked meat sandwich shop tonight. The owner had a nice sit-down restaurant in the “before times” but it didn’t survive. Now he has a walk-up counter sandwich shop. I’m sure the rent will be much more manageable, and he will do a ton of lunchtime business.… Read more: Smoked Meat is Good
  • Drive Test
    We took the little (still unnamed) bot to the arena for a better test. (It’s really not safe to spin up a “kinetic energy” weapon outside of a test box.) It turns out the thing actually drives really well on the steel floor. (the magnets are way more effective than I thought they would be.)… Read more: Drive Test
  • We Test Built the new Fairy
    We built a complete version of our new fairyweight. (150g) It works. We drove it around. We twitched the drum. (Will have to put it in a test box and actually spin it up.) This frame has the embedded magnets. We definitely need to set up dual rate on the radio. This thing drives fast.